Trade Secrets are More Important Than Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents — Say R&D-Active Companies in Seldom-Cited NSF Study

August 10, 2022

IP CloseUp

Jim Pooley was quoted in an edition of IP CloseUp on August 10, 2022. His comments are presented below, and you can read the full text of the article by clicking the "Read Article" button.

Surprisingly, 50.5% of companies that performed or funded R&D found utility patents “not at all valuable.” Some observers believe that if businesses are not filling patents, they are not disclosing inventions, which is harmful to innovation.

“This may be a result of a perception that the value of U.S. utility patents has diminished in recent years to due to erosion of patentability standards, coupled with increased cost and risk of enforcement,” James Pooley told IP CloseUp. Pooley is a trade secret expert and former Deputy Director General of WIPO and advisory board member of the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding.

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